Olu Adegoke
Senior Principal - Communications, Media and Entertainment, Infosys
Chad Allen
National Sales Manager - Global Public Sector, AT&T
Kiva Allgood
Chief Commercial Development Officer, GE Ventures
Dmitri Alperovitch
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, CrowdStrike
Bharat Anand
Henry R. Byers Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Charlotte Jones Anderson
Executive Vice President, Chief Brand Officer, Dallas Cowboys Football Club
Frank Andrus
Vice President, Engineering, Fortinet
Corey Anthony
Senior Vice President - Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer, AT&T Services
Thaddeus Arroyo
Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Business
Tom Arvia
Division Vice President and General Manager - Craftsman and DieHard brands, Sears
Amy Ashkinazy-Murrell
EFB Manager, Southwest Airlines Co.
Azfar Aslam
Vice President, Nokia Bell Labs Consulting
Shekar Ayyar
EVP Strategy & Corporate Development, and General Manager, Telco NFV Group, VMware
Steven B. Barnes
Section Chief - Counterintelligence Division, FBI
Jason Barton
Lead Business Development, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T
Brian Bauer
Client Engagement Executive Manager, Virtual Clarity
Holly Benson
Partner - Organizational Transformation, Infosys
Ankur Bhan
Founder and Global Head of WING, Nokia
Edward Blackwell
AT&T Global Account Director, VMware
The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair
Prime Minister, Great Britain and Northern Ireland (1997-2007)
Jaime Blasco
Vice President, Chief Scientist, AlienVault
Bob Bodziony
Global Offering Lead - DXC Campus and Connectivity, DXC Technology
John Botkin
Director, Corporate Data Office, Intel
Robert Boyanovsky
Vice President - Enterprise Mobility, AT&T Business
Colin Brewer
Regional Director, Network Integration, Asia Pacific - Business Marketing, AT&T
Eileen Bridges
Senior Vice President, Global Information Security, Cybersecurity Engineering, Bank of America
Chuck Brooks
Principal Market Growth Strategist - Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies, General Dynamics Mission Systems
Mike Bushong
Vice President Enterprise and Cloud Marketing, Juniper Networks
Cynthia Cama
Assistant Vice President - Chief Security Office, AT&T
Fiona Carter
Chief Brand Officer, AT&T Communications
Neil Cawse
Chief Executive Officer, Geotab
Vineet Chaku
Vice President & Head of Enterprise Network Services, Tech Mahindra
Lourdes Charles
Director of Product Marketing Management, AT&T
Jay Chaudhry
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Zscaler
Ripin Checker
Director, Solutions Business Development and Engineering, Juniper Networks
Christina Cheng
Associate Vice President - Enterprise Mobility, AT&T
Alex Cherones
Director of Threat and Virtual Security Services & Platform development, AT&T Business
Lynda Chin
Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Apricity Health
Rupesh Chokshi
Associate Vice President - Product Marketing Management, AT&T Business
Anne Chow
President National Business, AT&T Business
Anderson Cooper
Journalist and Anchor of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°, CNN
Kenneth Corriveau
Chief Information Officer, Omnicom Media Group
Cameron Coursey
Vice President of Product Development, AT&T Internet of Things Solutions
Joe Cumello
Vice President and Head of Global Marketing, Ciena
Andy Daudelin
Vice President - Alliances Business Development, AT&T Business
David Li
Divisional IT Director, Weir Oil and Gas
LaKendra Davis
Assistant Vice President Sales - Greater Lakes Market, AT&T
Rajesh De
Partner, Mayer Brown
Sener Degirmenci
Director of Digital Operations, Republic Services
Bob De Haven
General Manager, Worldwide Media & Communications, Microsoft
Ted Dengel
Managing Director, Operations Technology and Innovation, FedEx Ground
Ganesh Devarajan
Managing Director - Security Practice, Accenture
Rajesh Dhuddu
Global Practice Leader, Blockchain, Tech Mahindra
Debby Donovan
Global Offering Architect - DXC Campus and Connectivity Networks , DXC Technology
John Donovan
Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Communications
Phil Dreger
Global Lead Network Services - Cloud and Platform Services, DXC Technology
Chad Dunavant
Head of Global Product Management, CSG
Dustin Dykes
Principal Architect, AT&T
Kraig Ecker
Vice President of Global Service Provider Sales, Telcobuy
Nate Edwards
Vice President - Dispatch Optimization Center, AT&T
Cathy Engelbert
Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte
David Fano
Chief Growth Officer, WeWork
Don Fendrick
Chief Technology Officer - Customer Operations, Nokia
Michael Fernandez
Senior Systems Engineer, AeroFarms
Aaron Flores
Vice President - Product Development and Manufacturing, Hanger
Alex Foessel
Architecture Lead for Automation and Autonomy, John Deere
Suzanne Galvanek
Vice President - Enterprise Networking, AT&T Business
Bob Gamiel
Assistant Vice President, AT&T Consulting, AT&T Business
Jon Gannon
Assistant Vice President and Senior Legal Counsel, AT&T
Chris Gardner
Chief Executive Officer, HappYness
Clint Garrison
Global information security leader
Frank Gens
Senior Vice President & Chief Analyst, IDC
Bob Ghaffari
Director, Enterprise-Cloud & Appliances Data Center / Network Platforms Group, Intel
Mazin Gilbert
Vice President – Advanced Technology and Systems, AT&T
Frank Gillett
Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving CIO Professionals, ‎Forrester Research
Malcolm Gladwell
Staff writer, The New Yorker
Neil Gomes
Senior Vice President - Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience, Chief Digital Officer, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health System
Josh Goodell
Vice President - Edge Solutions, AT&T Business
Vishy Gopalakrishnan
Vice President, Ecosystem & Innovation - Wireless Technology, AT&T
Chris Greco
Vice President, Global Business Development, Symantec
Dr. Charles Grindle
Chief Information Officer, Commonwealth of Kentucky
Steve Grobman
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, McAfee
George Gunther
Chief Information Officer, Vice President, Asplundh Tree Expert Co.
Todd Gurela
Chief Technology Officer - Industry Solutions Group, Cisco
Ryan Gurney
Chief Security Officer, Looker
Rich Harnett
Global Offering Lead - DXC Campus and Connectivity, DXC Technology
Robbie Harrell
Director - Network & Cloud Consulting, AT&T
Robin Harwani
Global Solution Architecture Lead, Amazon Web Services
Shiraz Hasan
Vice President - Global Business & Industry Solutions, AT&T Business
Robin Hauser
Director, Finish Line Features and President, Unleashed Productions
Brian Hendricks
Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Nokia
Charles Herget
Assistant Vice President - Environmental Sustainability, AT&T
Greg Hill
Assistant Vice President - Product Marketing Management, AT&T Business
Roopa Honnachari
Industry Director - Business Communication Services & Cloud Services, Frost & Sullivan
Bob Horkavi
Sr. Digital Program Manager, Caterpillar
Jim Huempfner
Industry Development Executive, Apple
Dahna Hull
Senior Vice President - Human Resources, AT&T
Jason Hunt
IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM
Beth Hynes
Worldwide Director of Business Affairs - AT&T Network Integration, AT&T
Abhi Ingle
Senior Vice President Digital, Distribution and Channel Marketing, AT&T Business
Jason Inskeep
Emerging Network Strategy Lead - Enterprise Solutions, AT&T
Mikhail Istomin
Researcher - Security Research Center, AT&T
Kevin Jackson
Founder, GovCloud Network
Monisha Jain
Head of Nokia 5G Special Projects, Nokia
Jim Jannard
Chief Executive Officer, RED Technologies
Johannes Jaskolski
Assistant Vice President Technology Security, AT&T
Chuck Jenson
Consulting Systems Engineer, Aruba Networks
Ron Johnson
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Enjoy
Susan Johnson
Executive Vice President, Global Connections & Supply Chain, AT&T
Kent Jordan
Advisor - Portfolio Marketing, Ciena
Rob Joyce
Senior Advisor - Cybersecurity Strategy, National Security Agency
Ashish Julka
Senior Vice President, Tech Mahindra
Nick Kael
Chief Technology Officer, Global Service Providers Group, Symantec
Ryan Kalember
Senior Vice President - Cybersecurity Strategy, Proofpoint
Mo Katibeh
Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Business
Kim Keating
Vice President - Data Science, AT&T
Jason Kelley
General Manager, IBM Blockchain Services, IBM
Mobeen Khan
Assistant Vice President - IoT Solutions, AT&T Business
Omar Khan
Chief Product Officer, Magic Leap
John Kindervag
Field Chief Technology Officer, Palo Alto Networks
Evan Kirstel
Chief Digital Evangelist and Social Digital Influencer, EviraHealth
Marachel Knight
Senior Vice President, Wireless Engineering, Construction and Operations, AT&T
Bikash Koley
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Juniper Networks
Tom Koppelman
Vice President - Americas Architectures Sales, Cisco
Eric Kraemer
Principal Architect, Accenture
Todd Krautkremer
Chief Marketing Officer, Cradlepoint
Christopher Krebs
Under Secretary, National Protection and Programs Directorate, Department of Homeland Security
David Krebs
Executive Vice President, Enterprise Mobility and AIDC, VDC Research Group
Tyler Kupferschmid
Architecture Director, Enterprise Technology, State Farm
Danessa Lambdin
Vice President - Cybersecurity, AT&T Business
Queen Latifah
Musician, Actress, Author and Entrepreneur
Martha Lawrence
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, AccendoWave
Maria Lensing
Vice President - Healthcare Solutions, AT&T Business
Peter Linder
5G Marketing - Market Area North America, Ericsson
Emmett Long
Principal Solutions Manager, IoT and Emerging Business, Ericsson
Lisa Lorenzin
Director of Emerging Technologies, Zscaler
Glenn Lurie
Chief Executive Officer, Synchronoss Technologies
Carrie MacGillivray
Group Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility, IDC
Karun Malhotra
Director - AT&T NetBond® for Cloud, AT&T Business
Javvad Malik
Security Advocate, AlienVault
Judi Manis
Director - IoT Healthcare Strategic Relations and Business Development, AT&T Business
Amol Manocha
Senior Manager, Accenture
Gordon Mansfield
Vice President - Converged Access & Device Technology, AT&T Labs
John Marinho
Vice President, Technology & Cybersecurity, CTIA
Shaun Marion
Vice President & Chief Security Officer, Honeywell International
Chris Mark
PCI National Practice Director, AT&T
Jeff Markey
Transformation Director – Global Supply Chain, Coca-Cola Company
Joan Marsh
Chief Regulatory and State External Affairs Officer, AT&T Communications
Rita Marty
Vice President - Chief Security Office, AT&T
Rick Mashburn
Senior Director Systems Engineering, Fortinet
Kevin Mazula
Chief Executive Officer, RM2
Shaun McCarthy
Vice President and General Manager - AT&T Account, Cisco
Kayne McGladrey
Director of Security and IT, Pensar Development
Rita Gunther McGrath
Strategy Professor, Columbia Business School
Barmak Meftah
President, AT&T Cybersecurity Solutions and CEO, AlienVault, an AT&T Company
Bob Merrick
Vulnerability Management and Risk Leader - Chief Security Office, AT&T
Matt Messick
Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, Dallas Cowboys
Andrew Milo
Director Cloud Customer Engineering, Google Cloud
Dustin Moody
Mathematician - Computer Security Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Thijn Moons
Domain Manager Network Services, Nutreco
Jennifer Morovitz
Assistant Vice President - Security Technology, AT&T
Joe Mosele
Vice President - IoT Solutions, AT&T Business
Matthew Moynahan
Chief Executive Officer, Forcepoint
Sridhar Muppidi
IBM Fellow, Chief Technology Officer , IBM Security
Rajesh Natarajan
Assistant Vice President, New Technologies, AT&T Business
Mike Newburn
Communications Technology Manger - Wireless Director, Fairfax County, VA
Jonathan Nguyen-Duy
Vice President Strategy and Analytics, Fortinet
Bill O'Hern
Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer, AT&T Services
Ray Ozzie
Software Entrepreneur
Roman Pacewicz
Chief Product Officer, AT&T Business
Mike Pagani
Chief Evangelist and Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Smarsh
Bryan Panovich
Principle Architect and Strategist, Eaton Corporation
Maria Pardee
Senior Vice President and General Manager for Workplace & Mobility, DXC Technology
Valerie Parker
Director - 5G Infrastructure Software Strategy, Network Platform Group, Intel
Chris Penrose
President, Internet of Things, AT&T Business
Amol Phadke
Managing Director - Global Network Transformation, Strategy and Consulting, Accenture
Tod Phillips
Senior Solution Engineer, End User Computing, VMware
John Pilon
Global Lead, Growth Programs, Cloud and Platform Services, DXC Technology
Jim Poole
Vice President - Business Development, Equinix
Pritam Potnis
Senior Product Advisor – Open Health Connect, DXC Technology
Robert Powers
Executive Director, Global Business and Technology, Fox Innovation Lab
Lily Prasad
Assistant Vice President - SDN Operations Systems Engineering, AT&T
Mike Quindazzi
Managing Director, PwC
Dan Quintas
Director of Product Management, VMware
Rashid Qureshi
Director of Strategy and Innovation, AT&T Global Business
Aman Raheja
Chief Information Security Officer, BMO Financial Group
Ashwin Rana
Solution Architect, Zscaler
Jim Reavis
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cloud Security Alliance
Angel Rich
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The Wealth Factory
Jim Richberg
National Intelligence Manager for Cyber, ODNI
Christina Richmond
Program Vice President, Worldwide Security Services, IDC
Belinda Rodriguez
Vice President - Human Resources, AT&T Communications
Cristina Rodriguez
Vice President - Network Platforms Group, Intel
Shira Rubinoff
President of SecureMySocial & Prime Tech Partners
Aziz Safa
Chief Data Officer, Vice President - Information Technology, Intel
Bozoma Saint John
Chief Marketing Officer, Endeavor
Chris Sambar
Senior Vice President - AT&T FirstNet, AT&T
Jill Sanders
Assistant Vice President – Cybersecurity Solutions, AT&T Business
Mike Sapien
Chief Analyst Enterprise Services, Ovum
Mark Scammell
Director – Ethernet & TDM Access, AT&T Business
Derek Schneidt
Chief Executive Officer, Sophic LLC
Joey Schultz
Vice President - Business Solutions Digital Experience, AT&T Business
John Schulz
Director of Sustainability Integration, AT&T
Honna Segel
Senior Product Manager, Nokia
Ray Serzanin
Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Business
Jeff Shafer
Assistant Vice President, Product Management – Virtual Edge, AT&T Business
Rich Shaw
Vice President – Voice and Collaboration Product Management, AT&T Business
Kevin Sheehan
Chief Technology Officer of the Americas, Ciena
Kunal Shukla
Chief Technologist, HPE
Eric Sineath
Chief Architect and Practice Director, AT&T Consulting Solutions
David Sipes
Chief Operating Officer, RingCentral
Prasanna Sivaramakrishnan
Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Gautam Siwach
IBM Cognitive Solutions – Chief Technical Architect, IBM
Norbert Sluzewski
Senior Director Strategy and Innovation, AT&T Business
Peggy Smedley
Founder, Peggy Smedley Institute
Emily Soelberg
Vice President - Product Management, Channel Enablement, AT&T Business
Dan Solero
Assistant Vice President - Technology Security, AT&T
Chris Spain
Chief Executive Officer, President, HydroPoint
Mark Sparks
Director of Products in IT, Bayer Crop Science
Russell Spitler
Senior Vice President, Product, AlienVault
Rachna Srivastava
Sr Manager - Product Marketing, VeloCloud, VMware
John Stankey
Chief Executive Officer, Warner Media
Jon Steinberg
Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Cheddar
Scott Stevens
Chief Technology Officer - Global Service Providers, Palo Alto Networks
Steve Stine
Senior Vice President & Chief Data Officer, AT&T
Jim Stone
Staff Global Solutions Consultant AT&T Account, VMware
Laddie Suk
Director, Digital Transformation and Industry Solutions, DELL EMC Global Services
Patrick Sullivan
Senior Director - Global Security Strategy, Akamai Technologies
Karthik Swarnam
Vice President - Security Architecture, AT&T
John Sweeney
Vice President & General Manager, AT&T Global Account Team, Ciena
Chris Tadvick
Director of Sales New Technology Introduction, AT&T Account Team, Ciena
Alex Tapscott
Co-Founder, The Blockchain Research Institute
Fred Taylor
Former NFL Player
Robert Tercek
Author, Vaporized: Solid Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World
Roger Thornton
Chief Technical Officer, AlienVault
Johna Till Johnson
Chief Executive Officer and Senior Founding Partner, Nemertes Research
Brian Tokuyoshi
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Palo Alto Networks
John Tomik
Global Practice Director - Media & Communications Strategy, Slalom Consulting
Robert Topol
General Manager - 5G Advanced Technologies in TSCG, Intel
Steve Trulaske
Owner, True Manufacturing Co.
Lisa Truppa
Assistant Vice President – Technology, AT&T
Maxeme Tuchman
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Caribu
Sanjay Uppal
Vice President and General Manager - VeloCloud, VMware
Edward Vasko
Chief Executive Officer, Terra Verde
Andrew Velker
Vice President of Sales, Actsoft
Arvin Vohra
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Redaptive
Manish Vyas
President - Communications, Media & Entertainment Business, Tech Mahindra
Rand Wacker
Vice President - Product Marketing and Industry Solutions, Box
Larry Wash
Executive Vice President, KONE Americas
Todd Waskelis
Assistant Vice President & General Manager, AT&T Cybersecurity Solutions
Amy Webb
Professor, NYU Stern School of Business
Robert F. Wescott
President, Keybridge Research
Amy Wheelus
Vice President – Network Cloud , AT&T
Cindy Whelan
Principal Analyst - Global Enterprise IT Services, GlobalData
Daniel Wiley
Head of Incident Response Services, Check Point
Brendan Witcher
Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Reese Witherspoon
Actress and Founder, Hello Sunshine
Sanjiv Yajnik
President, Financial Services, Capital One
John Yazlle
5G Commercialization - Program Director, Ericsson
Dave Youngblood
Vice President - Demand Creation IT, Texas Instruments
Shelley Zalis
Chief Executive Officer, The Female Quotient
Michael Zeto
Vice President - IoT Solutions, AT&T Business

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